Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunshine & Summertime...oh yeah, and sorry mom!

So #ldsconf was so dang good. I really wish I had a twitter account so I could have hashtagged stormed all my notes, ha but don't worry I did it anyway. Also I hope we realize how lucky we are to speak english. That we get to listen to the words of conference and also their VOICES. There is so much more power in listening to general conference in english. It is unreal. There is so much power there. We listened to it all in english except for the sunday morning session.  I feel super spiritually rejuvinated and loved conference. There was such a theme of the importance of families that I loved! Like families are so dang cool! and I feel like I am just so full of knowlege right now. Like everything inside of me is just bursting with all of these cool insights that I've been thinking of and studying and the gospel is just so cool. also be so proud of hna jiménez who has been working hard on her english so she could watch it with me. and I am so grateful. Because also I have just been so spoiled my whole life to watch everything in english that I get nothing out of the translations. it's just not same.
Also funny story. Saturday we show up to the church and there is literally NO ONE and nothing there. so we had a frantic half hour looking and calling people to get the projector hooked up and the computers all set up so we could even watch conference. But I did miss Holland's talk. but I feel like I saw it because everyone and their dog has written me about it.

Besides that we had some super tight lessons this week. We are really re-focusing in our lessons on testifying. Like bam testimony instead of trying to explain what things are now we just testify. and the result has been that everyone really wants to read the book of mormon and it has been awesome. And then we still have problems with the gente coming to church. But i think i need to work on my patience, and we are working on finding and teaching the people who God has chosen for us to work with and teach. Because every week we have eight new investigaors who in the end go no where because they aren't married or don't want to act. So I'm working on myself to give people a chance to repent and change and not just moving on without giving them a real chance. Although our new street contact we ask if they are married and if the answer is no, ciao chico. and our start investigator can't actually read. so that was a real problem. But live and learn. We are still having fun and working hard. and our district leader kills me. he is too funny.

this is me and hna j watching by ourselves and then with the elders. who kinda missed to photo alert. but it just makes me laugh too hard.
Also my hair. look i think its growing? #blessingseverywhere
So I love you all! Here's to a rejuvinating week after a rejuvinating weekend!
also mom don't worry it is still blistering hot here.

 love hna degn

look in perú they really do celebrate st patricks day...... just late

hahaha NOT just kidding. the streets were all just decorated because they got paved and there was like a huge celebration. #citypride.
But it does look sooo much better now. peruvians are cute. and now my shoes should hang in there better.


so this one time i was so stressed out to leave internet on time that i maybe forgot to press send on my email.... um cough cough. and maybe that was last week and yeah, so sorry mom. that's why there wasn't an email last week. but i think we're even because ya'll are going to disneyland this week. So whatever. i hope peter pan and space mountain are CLOSED. toma eso familia. hahaha chiste chiste. I hope you all have a really great time and cry because i am not there.

 But okay this week was seriously the BEST WEEK EVER! We found the coolest family! LIke ohmygosh I am still on cloud nine. Basically we had our district meeting and elder martinez (i´m gonna find out his first name so you can send him a postcard cause he is the best! BUUUT) he did this whole contact like president archibald bit which was super hilarious and then we went out and did it. and it was super scary. because basically we say 'did you know you could have an eternal family because joseph smith was a profet and we can teach you about it. when can we visit you´ and then we bear our testimony. well we were practicing and its stressfull. and we contacted one lady and we said oh did you know you could be with your family forever, and she said yes and we were all, ah, no you don't. ##wronganswer. because you're catholic and you don't believe this but we do. So now we try to throw in joseph smith in there more. But long story short we go back for the cita with this hermana, and she's not home but we just keep knocking and on the second floor three kids come out and hna jiménez and i are all.... ohymygoshkidswhichmeansitsafamilywehavetotalktothemwhatdowesay. and so then the mom comes out and i resort to our game plan. IN which i speak spanish as fast as i possibly can (its pretty fast) and then no one understands me and then hna jiménez says oh she's from america and translates- It's foolproof. everyone lets us in after. So the mom brings the dad out and he invites us in and we teach them lesson one and he says yeah I'm looking for peace and and hna jimenez and i try not to scream. and we keep teaching and he's like yeah no problem i'll read the book of mormon, but i can't go to church tomorrow because he´s a marine! but he can come next week so it's all good. and yeah, his wife came and it went really well. she is really excited to read the book of mormon and it has been way cool to see how the Lord guided us to find them and how they have been prepared to recieve the gospel. (even though they don't know it yet hahaa)

 so it's been a fun week. also about the weather. here's a good story. it's supposedly starting to 'cool down'. LIES. this just means that at night it's not blistering hot. But one of our investigators was like super worried and concerned because we just keep walking around in short sleeves. Because it's still so hot! Summer will never end! and this is the coat she made hna jiménez wear hahahahahahahahaha. peruvians are funny. needless to say we went to the house dropped off the coat and then left again and yeah that's all-

have fun at disneyland. i love you all.



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