Monday, April 21, 2014

District 11 bc I love them...

I don't know. jess said that the whole bc thing is the new thing on instagram and fb. and i'm just trying to keep with the times.

 So this week we great. I hope that I get to stay here in famesa because we found so many awesome people this week. and we worked so hard and it was awesome. and then no one came to church. But it's cool. We're working on that. and we are teaching Jorge and Giovanna, (our family of oro) and everytime we leave the spirit is so strong so they better be feeling it too. Because we leave and wooah. It's pretty awesome.

Also this week the bishop's daughter came out with us. Well probably for the first and last time. Ha, we went to knock on a door, that is a reference and there are probably three dogs a little way off sleeping. So hna jimenez whispers buenas and then the dogs wake up and come after us barking up a storm. Well Jiménez and I have a lot of practice and we both just take off. and hna jiménez pushes Soila (the bishops daughter) out of her way so that she is the first one that gets away and in doing so pushes out of her hands her water and her bag hahaha Pobrecita. The good news is that she didn't get bit? but it was hilarious. We ran for a good two minutes before even looking back to see if she was behind us. Well she wasn't hahaha so we had to backtrack a bit.

Also last week we contacted a family in the street, and they said they didn't know the house number but that the door was wood. well we knocked on so many wood doors asking for Diana, whose mom is manuel. and we found three other families doing it so now we are just going to make up names and knock on doors and then ask if we can share with them. It´s got a pretty good success rate.

Oh also this week was semana santa. and I am so sick of eating fish. because even if we're mormon here we're also catholic???. not cool.
So thats a wrap.
Happy birthday to the one, the only m-swagger--sizzle the third. you know who you are.
Hermana Degn

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