Thursday, March 13, 2014

it's good

So. Basically it was a really good week. It was also a super crazy jam packed week that went by way too fast! I don't even know where to start?  Our power has been out for the last three days??? and there is about a foot of standing water in our kitchen from our fridge. But before that happened we played hotel for hna carr and hna cueva which was a total blast. One of the biggest perks about being in Covida is that whenever hermanas come in from the provinces they stay with us. Which is awesome because we get to know a lot of the hermanas but it also is sort of depressing because they show us their pictures of how beautiful Perú is and we cry ourselves to sleep. Ha, okay maybe i'm being a BIT dramatic. But you know, Perú is pretty..... just not Lima. anyways they ended up staying with us for five days because hna cueva went home this morning. So this week we had a lot of great pillow talk, late nights in the offices, super early mornings (today we woke up at THREE-THIRTY) but mostly it was just a party. So I know you are thinking what do you do with four missionaries is a super super super super super super super small area? (as in we did divisions one day and ha, kept running into each other) well, I'll tell you.


While the actual success of all day Saturday spent contacting was minimal. We had a lot of laughs doing it- For example, we spent all morning boiling water. went on a half hour search for ice, which melted immediately without cooling the water whatsoever. So after slaving over this limonada for two hours we finally leave the house and guess what? It started raining! What in the heck! I have only seen rain twice in my whole mission (not that it was a heavy rain, just a nice enjoyable sprinkle) But seriously. Some joke- Well, we still went out. But man it was a rough sell. Ha we were running after people saying "Do you want lemonade? IT¨S FREE!!!" let´s just say its not quite the U.S., where people will do anything for free stuff. or maybe that is just BYU. However we still handed out all our book of mormons, half a million folletos and got a lot of referencias, none of which live in our area. but hey it was great. Our elders stopped by and told us that it also tasted terrible. Well they put in about a half a ton more sugar and then it really tasted terrible. We would hand out a cup and then we'd launch into the Book of Mormon and the looks on their faces. Poor people. Also the next day if you are wondering it tasted like straight up vinegar. and elder palomo keeps saying the it made him sick. (only because he drank 17 cups). and then that night we went to our ward mission night..... well our attendance was a total of six missionaries. So obviously we then went out for schwarma.

 #obvi. Speaking of schwarma we have started teaching them and holy cow they are so cool! They are five brothers who are from india and all five practice islam. So that is cool. They all speak seven languages and we teach them in spanglish and one of them translates for the others. Because they don't all speak spanish. But it's been awesome teaching them. I mean we just started and they don't know really anything about Jesus Christ. Which has been a new experience since everyone and their dog here is super catholic.

Also guess what? Alberto got baptized. And he now holds the Melchizedek Priesthood. Hna Rodriguez and I taught him in trébol. how cool is missionary work?

So yeah, with lots of missionary love, hey that's called charity something that is the pure love of Christ that I am still working on haha

hna degn
Our angry faces that we couldn't go on our outing.


Making limonada!





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