Monday, February 10, 2014

Confessions of a Rice-a-holic

So the good the bad and the ugly of life in Covida.......

We had a baptism! YAY! Her name is Carmen. and it has been so cool working with her here! She took all the lessons a few years ago and long story short has been our miracle here in Covida. And now she wants to go on a mission and life is beautiful. In our first lesson she was like no, thanks I'm not going to go through with this whole thing (two weeks ago) and Saturday was perfect. I mean she showed up, I spoke, we all felt the spirit. and Hna JimĂ©nez and I were positively giddy all day. so it was a beautiful day.
And now the other parts of life in Covida. Like how we don't have a pensionista. (um what?) well turns out I actually don't mind it tooo much... But lets just say that after eating rice literally every single day for six months. (as in twice a day, somethimes three times a day) no lie. basically what that means is that the lack of rice has turned my body crazy. and it has not been all that enjoyable. like i am going through some serious withdrawals. Buuuuut hopefully i get over that soon?? Also we live/share our spacious apartment, (let's just say my living quality has drastically improved) with cockroaches. Maybe that's a bit ironic, no? But really now we have a ghetto kitchen that doubles as our room plus a second room where we study. It is luxurious! Plus my mattress is a dream! no bugs and way more comfortable! almost like what I imagine the beds are like at a motel six.... haha I'm kidding. its a least a La Quinta Inn status.

Basically I am still doing super super awesome! We are working hard to find new people to teach! and that's life here!

Also a huge thank you for the package!!! Thank you thank you!
Have I mentioned that we also have to wash our own clothes now??? It is horrible. I have developed a new hate for laundry. Basically if I end up doing laundry for my husband one day he will know its love. Because it is awful. ha it's kinda like being in college. only worse. jk I really do love it. just not all the parts. Although we do get some good jams going when we are washing. #imnickiminajandthatske$ha

Well, I love you so much and hope all is well!
Thanks for being the best family out there!


Hermana Degn

Hermana Degn & her pensionista Hermana Lucy--sad to say good bye to her!
Hermana Degn & Hermana Jimenez


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