Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The New Girl in Town

Well I am sure everyone is totally on the edge of their seats dying for this email so I guess I will tell you all where I am........ drum roll please--

COVIDA! pronouned co-beed-ah

Not that that really means anything to you hahaha. Basically I feel like its my first day back in high school or at byu when the school is so big you get lost a million times but mom says that in no time it will feel small and you will wonder how you could have ever gotten lost. I feel like that. But I love it. It's basically the same as my other area only better because I am here with Hna Jiménez. Total concrete jungle here, which is cool, I'm down for this. Okay, now I will just tell you all how much I love my life right now.

First off, I am senior comp (what the what) like what does that even mean/why on earth would anyone ever give me responsibility? But turns out---nobody judge me for what I am about to say---hahah but I am THRIVING. I LOVE love being in charge. It is so fun. That probably sounds terrible. I promise I am not like a dictator or anything but being in charge is the bomb. Who knew?

Second, Hna Jiménez. Basically I could write a million love songs about her. So let me just sum it all up. She is tiny, (like so small, plus she has the smallest feet I have ever seen) from Mexico, has been here for three months, she listened to "Of monsters and men" AND Imagine Dragons. but wait, it gets better. Her favorite movies include Howl's moving castle, 500 days of summer, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma. Plus she was studying literature before she came on a mission. So where's the catch? I know, I am still looking for it.

Basically, I think I am living a dream. There is a scripture that perfectly sums up my life right now: its 2 Nephi 5:27. That's all you need to know. The mission is so good. We are working hard and looking forward to the next blissful six weeks. Basically I just have seen that Heavenly Father knows me SO WELL. This past week I saw so many tender mercies every single day. Like how Hna Jiménez also has a loud sneeze or how she cried in the Frog Princess. It's like we are the same person. (if we take out my sport fanatic side) the best part is she wants to work. We are still working on that part because our contacting skills are pretty creepy on the scale of---don't ask me out, to stalker, we are probably at the-- don't look at my children stage. hahaha but we try? like invite us in your home to share a message! I promise we didn't just turn around and take another route just to run in to you guys specifically. We just thought you looked nice annnnnd you have two kids. and are you married? nope ok cool!

Ha we have a lot of work to do. but I am pumped. also turns out my Spanish is waaaay better than I ever gave myself credit for. which is pretty awesome. Ha, in our first lesson Hna Jiménez just looked at me after about five seconds and I was okay cool. and guess what? So many words just spilled out, in Spanish! I guess you could say that God really loves me and I am really loving being a missionary. and life doesn't get any better than that. The only catch is there are cambios in six weeks. But it's okay because we are going to make these six weeks count! look out Perú!

all my love,

Hermana Degn

p.s. i am in a new internet and am trying to send a picture buuuut am having problems. so sorry. but just know that Hna Jimémez is a hipster and one day I will send you a picture. I mean hello I can even ask her opinion now on what I am wearing. Plus, Sunday we wore matching bows to church. #swagcity #hipstersinperú #unity

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