Monday, December 2, 2013

A moment of silence please...

So first off. lets just have a moment of silence for my jeans- or several. Yeah I thought american eagle made better than that. and why on earth did I follow the rule of only bringing one pair of pants? That was stupid. Because now what am I going to do for the next 15 months? It´s fine. There goes my self esteem along with my favorite pair of jeans- Seriously by love for these jeans is huge. Why? because I always wear skirts- So what happened you might ask? Well basically we were helping one of our family of investigators paint their house. Hence jeans. Well the combination of yes my waist is a little bit bigger even though I didn't have thanksgiving dinner (or two, yeah rub it in). plus I dunno bending down rapidly and yeah. Here we are- My poor jeans. They ripped RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE ( Hna Rodriguez said that I could give them to our Pensionista to have her sew them up....... Well the problem with that is it is huge. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. And there is no way I am going to fit into them if she sews it up. So we might have to hold off on some service activities for a while until I can find a pair of pants to wear..........

Right so some other highlights from this week------ Hna Rodriguez and I went in search of a pie for thanksgiving- Well nine panderies and 35 soles later we found one. Lemon merangue. So thanks dad, even though I don't particularly care for lemon----- it´s no bananna cream thats for sure. But Hermana Lucy also made me mashed potatoes so it was basically thanksgiving here too. Mostly my mind is tripped out because I feel like it´s not christmas time at all. There is no snow, no thanksgiving, no christmas music, no nothing. But yet somehow it really is december. Maybe it will feel like christmas on the day of when I get to talk to you all! We´ll see. But don´t worry I am still counting down the days.

 Right so really though I am doing great. So great in fact- Yesterday we found a golden investigator- Literally. He is the dueno of hna lucy and she gave us his address saying yeah just pass by his house because I think he is interested. Well a little back story is that Hna Lucy lives right across from the chapel and is in the area of the elders. But the dueno has his office on the first floor which we pass as we go up the stairs to Hna Lucy´s. (another side note to help paint the picture is that people live in rooms not really houses) like hna lucy´s fam, they have two rooms on the second floor of the building. Anyways we sometimes see the dueno in his office but when we do, I am always a bit scared you know? Basically he reminds me of the old man in Pollyana. Like they are literally the same person-

Anyways I'll stop rambling- We pass by his house and it was like 'we´re missionaries de la igleasea de....''´´ yes pasen pasen'' (which also never happens) pretty sweet. So then we start talking and bam, so cool. The spirit was so strong. We taught the first vision and he showed us the picture he had of joseph smith and the angel moroni that he had been reading- and had questions about- It´s the picture of the collection in the church, you know like the pictures from that blue folder we have?' Pretty cool- like lets be honest it was such a miracle- He is very catholic but the spirit can take care of that- It was a pretty good week for our work here.

We may not have any snow but we will still have a 'white' christmas---
Get it? cause the field is white and ready to harvest? Too much? yeah, yo sé.

 Well it was a great week. I am grateful for all of my many many many blessings and the miracles I see everyday. I sure love being a missionary! Also tell Jess the table settings look adorable!
All my love,

Hermana Degn


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