Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm not "kitten" you...

Shout out to my home girl jess! Thanks for your email- as for cats, yes there are plenty of cats here too. In fact I´ve even been mauled by this devil cat that lives in the home of one of the less active families. Ew. cats. Then last monday, Hermana Rod and I were walking home from playing bball at the chap. And guess what we saw- A cat get ran over by a car- EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW... It was disturbing. And then we walked past this dead cat that was still sort of twitching and its eyeball was hanging out. yeah, so not the biggest cat fan really. and no I'm not kitten you. This is real.

Anyways, the work. A bit slow this week because poor Hermana Rodriguez hurt her knee yet again. Real rough. The good news is it was at our ward activity where we happened to have ten investigators #holllaaa. The bad news is she pulled her tendon bad, and my face got FRIED. But you know, it's cool- we're been on splits for the majority of this last three days, and it's just a bit rough.

But fear not, because Miguel (dueno) came to church yesterday! And he wants to be baptized! In MAY! Psych, we're gonna have to change that. The problem is that he wants his daughter to be here-------- oh man. we've got some work to do. He is great though. Yesterday we went to his house to help him set up his christmas tree. Well we ended up cleaning his house (seriously Pollyanna. You, know old man miller? It´s him. only there weren't any prisms. I´m holdng out though) After he bought us pollo a la brasa for dinner with some good old inca cola. Well have I mentioned that we haven't taught dia de reposa yet? That's awkward. We tried really hard but to no avail. Really I just think he's really lonely and wanted some company for dinner- And know we know what we're going to teach him next time.

Well this week I really did have some beautiful spiritual experiences. My testimony really is being strengthened. Hna Rodriguez and I are working hard to find new people to teach. We keep doing this, keep finding, and then keep droping because no one will progress. And we have SO MANY menos activos we are working with. Sometimes that part is really really overwheming. There have been missionaries here who have made a lot of mistakes and now there are all these phantom members as well as so many members who don't come to church like ever. It's pretty funny really, we also ask the ward for referencs and we always get like ten but they are all MA. Last monday we were deep cleaning our apartment and found a huge envelope full of people's records who had been baptized. Well the bad news is that more than half are in our ward boundaries but literally we know like zero of them. So now we have a mission to find them all and see what happened. Weather they are still living here or what not- It'll be good. The Lord is definitely in this work, and my faith and desires to serve him grow every day.

I may just be the tinsiet bit jealous of Hna Christensen and Hna Bunkall but Mondays are really just all the bit sweeter hearing of the work that the two of them are doing. I really am so blessed to be out here and to be a part of this work. We are starting to wake up our ward and get eveyone moving again towards retaining members. Which is no easy task. But hey my spanish is coming along, or at least that's what I thought until we watched the Christmas devo last night and I have no idea how Issac Newton and Christmas are related so turns out my spanish isn't really as good as I thought haha-

love you all!


hermana degn
P.S.  I keep joking with Cisnerso about Zach's pictures from beautiful Uruguay.  But, look, there are rainbows in Peru also!!!


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