Sunday, December 22, 2013

Summer lovin, happened so fast...

Summer lovin, happened so fast..... well the beach part is true but the summer part.... different story. We are just getting started. Buuuuuutttttt Guess who went to the beach this week? That's right. Not gonna lie, it was a bit dissapointing. I was really looking forward to sand. Well spoiler alert no sand- just dirt, rocks and dirty water- We had a stake activity to clean the beach. Well like everything here the activity was ridiculously unorganized and lasted like seven hours longer than it was supposed to (no complaints here) haha but it was great. Here is a pic of me and Hna R, soaking in the sun (she's actually allergic, turns out that really is a real thing hahaha) and the district. They're pretty awesome, this group of missionaries. let me tell ya-

Anyways this week we were out contacting and a man came up to us. Well both mine and hna R's response was like ahhh, run!!! But thats why you don't judge people. Because then he told us that he drinks all the time but that his sister is mormon and he wants to change his life. Pretty cool right- The thing is he was really sincere about it. But he has a long way to go, and a lot of addictions to conquor before he can be baptized. But still it was so cool. Sweet is the work.

We also started teaching Karin's husband. Which is awesome. We have really been challenged to have weekly baptisms. Which is really a challenge to find and baptize families. Which leads us to a whole new league of problems as literally no one here is married! It is so frustrating! I mean seriously I thought this was bad in the US, well it's not. The other problem is that lots of our investigators are married but are divorced and living with someone else... Really? But Karin and Henry are MARRIED!!!!! YAY! and Karin is really progressing. She came to church this week and now we are working on getting henry to come too. But it's been really cool as we've started to teach him as well as Karin. Because I know how much the gospel can really help them in their lives-
Anyways yeah, we are just getting ready for Christmas! It is going to be a HOT one. And wow I heard there was some exciting church news...... I am so glad you guys now get to have church at 11!!! What a blessing. It really is the best time no? maybe people will think we are a righteous family if you guys can make it to church on time. I mean we do live so FAR away. (from the church, obvi) ha well. time is running away from me! I will talk to you guys next week!!!!! YAYAYAYA!!!

Have a good Christmas break until then! And Bella wow! You looked sooooooooooo gorgous for your ballet performance! I LOVE YOUR hair!

Also dad, happy birthday this week. I hope its a good one!

Right now I am trying to remember what else I was going to say but forgot............ha probs should just give up- talk to you soon! literally!


Hermana Degn
**Including pics of Hannah's sister Bella in case you were curious about Hannah's comments about Bella's ballet performance.




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