Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A party is a just a party, but a Woodhouse Christmas party, well...

(well mom here i am trying to be clever and i just really can't remember the exact wording of this quote from emma, so help a girl out) also i may just shed a tear that i can't remember as well.
Well as i am sitting here i realized that i left my camera in my apartment.... sors! But you will just have a lot to look forward to next week. And wow the christmas aftermath. Can i just say that Peru parties hard. Ha cause they do. So basically the 24th we had dinner with the family that lives below us. (The Romeros) Well we ate at 11:30 and then we watched the fireworks that went off at midnight. It was kinda like a dream come true because i have secretly always wanted to be high up and see the fireworks close up. well NEVER AGAIN! 
It was sketch, because every one and their dog is sending up fireworks and there are absolutely zero rules. and I mean it- Like we saw a house catch fire. So I have some sick footage to show ya'll in 2014. But man it was a grand old time. Then Christmas day was followed but a lot a lot a lot of lunch visits. We were pretty busy trying to make it to them all and I have probably never prayed so hard in my whole life. because there is that custom here where if you leave food on your plate it is like super offensive. Well lets just say that the Lord answers prayers because some how i managed to eat like five lunches and two dinners. and lets just say that at the end rod and i were so done- Like we are never ever ever eating again (read to the tune of never ever getting back together, thanks t-swift)...... and then we did it all over again the next day so thats life for you.

 So yeah, Christmas was totally clutch. I love all my packages! Thank you thank you thank you! This Christmas was great. and don't worry I'm really not tooo trunkie....... but it still doesn't quite feel like Christmas.. maybe because its still sooo hot. minor details right?
Anyways this week we also had a work visit- So I hung out here in Trebol with Hna Agle and did some work. I am so pumped! We found Mariella who is awesome. Literally investigator of gold! So hopefully that really pans out in the right direction. It was a bit stressfull because hna agle came to Trebol so I was the head hancho, but it really just ended up being awesome. Like such a great day. And I am pumped for this year! It's gonna be rad. Plus talking with you guys was soooooo awesome! I love you all sooo much! The work is going good hear and I am starting to get tan. #holla. we are looking for some newies this week (new ppl to teach) and with that i gotta peace!

 all my love,

 Hermana Degn

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