Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Back...

You know the real reason Tom Hanks had to tell Rose to say Happy Thanksgiving back is because she was from Perú and they don't actually celebrate that here. It's kinda smart because it gets rid of that whole Christmas decorations debate. There's just Christmas here. And I am so pumped. Last night we decorated the tree at Hermana Lucy's and wrote our letters to Papa Noel. Cambiers are the second week of December though so hopefully we don't get transferred, cause that would be real sad. Anyways, I guess you could say we celebrated Thanksgiving last week with Pollo a la brasa at Plaze Norte as a fam for Hna Lucy's birthday- We had a great time.(this is last Monday so it was P-day) we also went up the cerro again, for some cool pics- Perú is alright. I mean whatever my sunsets don't match Uruguay's but I get to eat three meals a day. #winning- Speaking of meals...... It's too bad I'm not home for thanksgiving because I think I could actually do grandma's mashed potatoes some good justice, seriously my ability to just eat and eat and eat is surprising. I blame it on all the rice. And my every growing stomach is a witness. Curse that mission weight.
Anyways this week we watched the Restoration mini video in some of our lessons. IT was great- I was trying really hard to stay focused but basically I was just remembering how we watched it as a family one time with Ray and how he told us about the saw and how obvi the tree was cut done with the 7500 or something like that hahaha- And at the beginning when his little brother falls "joseph, help me" well then I was like why do we fall down? so we can learn to pick ourselves up. Oh wait wrong movie........ That's Batman. But I think its applicable here too, the church should put that line in the next movie.
So this week we found a new investiagor, his name is Miguel. Man he is pretty awesome. We were teaching and were so pumped like man he is ready for baptism, and we challenged him to prepare for the 16 of december-.---- Yeah well turns out he is going to Chile the 10th for christmas. Asi es la vida. But still we had another lesson with him where we read 3 Nephi 11 together and man, I just have never felt the spirit that strongly in a lesson before. It was so cool. Hna R and I were so pumped after. It was so cool. We're going to work with him and see if he will be baptized before his trip.
Our other investigator of gold is Louana. She is eight years old and one of the friends of our pensionista's daughter. Bless her heart, her life is just wow. We teach her Thursday nights, she lives with her mom and siblings in a room in the back of a house that is a total meth lab. A bit sketch- Sometimes we get a little bit sketched out because of the people that hang out in the front of the house and the kitchen... But, she is really amazing though and her family really needs the gospel. Right now we are working with her mom to give Louana permission to be baptized-
So the work. It is going great. I love being a missionary and this year for Thanksgiving I am so grateful to be here. Last night we wrote letters to Papa Noel, right and I really couldn´t think of anything to ask for- I mean granted I would like to be losing weight not gaining, I could go for another T-shirt, and I would like to live in an apartment that is bigger than my room back at home. but really I don't need anything and everyday just gets better. I really am so happy to be here. Last night Totti asked me what I wanted to write and ask for and I really just didn't know. And I thought that was pretty cool. I have the gospel, I have the opportunity to share it with others, I have an incredible family here, and I have you guys. Which I grow more grateful for everyday. I don't know how I was lucky and blessed enough to be a Degn. So with that pretty mushy thought I should probably wrap this up. Eat a lot of turkey, pie, and mashed potatoes for me! especially pecan----- yum. okay with a lot of love,
hermana degn
p.s. we got a taste of summer. Like one day it just decided to be warm. OH DANG. It's gonna be HOT. I'm going to go through a LOT of deodorant. Good thing you sent perfume. Which for the record mom, smells divine.


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