Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fleece novi dod!

So I´ll keep this brief. Really I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to use this subject so be sure to post it up on the blog yeah?

Right so just a quite re-cap of the Christmas festivities-

Last week we had our christmas conference and cambios.... we got two new sisters! YAY!! and here's the chillest district slash zone out here. I won't mention that we maybe got lost (as a zone) for two hours trying to get to the chapel where the conference was... but in the end we did make it- to the sad news that there wasn't any food left- rough-

But Santa came. I thought it was pretty hilarious that his face was white but his hands are brown------ but still obviously very believable-

I also hope you enjoyed my surprise phone call! I'll be calling again shortly! YAYAYAY!!!! So yeah, happy Christmas!

I love you and will be talking to you soon! (literally)

peace and blessings!

hna degn


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